Facebook announced new features last week that will affect advertisers. Since scrutiny over privacy issues, Facebook has been implementing new features to gain back user trust.   

Off-Facebook Activity feature

As soon as early June, they’ll begin rolling out a tool that lets people see and clear their off-Facebook activity. First announced by Mark Zuckerberg at F8 2018, this feature will let people view a summary of their off-Facebook activity, sent via Business Tools. If someone exercises control, Facebook will disconnect that information from their account. People can also choose to turn off the ability to connect this information with their account in the future.

The clearing of data history is similar to clearing cookies on a browser and may affect custom audiences and the Facebook pixel. Facebook believes the more transparent they are with how they collect data, users will give the brands advertising to them more trust and validity.   

Ad Library Report

Facebook also released improvements to the Ad Library Report that rolled out May 16th. The report lets people easily see how many political and issues ads were run in a given country – as well as aggregated advertiser spend and top searched keywords in the Ad Library.

It also includes basic information like the name of the Page running each ad, the “Paid for by” disclaimer and a link to the ads in the Ad Library. The report will be refreshed daily (rather than weekly), and people can choose to see spend data for the last day, week, month and/or 90-day period, and include spend from each region. The main difference: anyone can access the report regardless of whether or not you have a Facebook account. View the updates report: here.

Detailed Targeting

We are pretty excited there has been expanded detailed targeting beyond interests to include demographics and behaviors. This allows Facebook to adjust targeting to help reach more relevant people at a lower cost per result. Campaigns using this feature will see notifications in Ads Manager about this enhancement. On May 28, they’ll transition new and existing ad sets from interest targeting expansion to detailed targeting expansion.

More Personalized News Feed

As always, Facebook continues to shift what users see in News Feeds. They have conducted surveys on what people find most important and took into consideration what types of post a user shared, liked, or commented on most. They claim this will not affect Pages’ content from being shown on the timeline. The top 2 important things to users?

  • Viewing posts from friends they want to hear from most
  • Links that are worthwhile

Will these new features affect your brand or business? We specialize in effective social media advertising. Get in touch to launch a customized Facebook Ads strategy unique to your business.  

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