As digital markers, we know we have to stay on top of the latest trends and business happenings to stay on top of our A-game. Have you updated your SEO strategy for the year yet? Here are some tactics you can apply to dominate your SERPs and earn more revenue this year.


As always, it’s important to know your audience. Being an agency, we know our audience is typically an e-commerce product or service. It’s important when taking on clients they understand their audience, as well. An audience is important with SEO to determine if a page should be more text, image, or video heavy which ultimately will impact the SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about stuffing popular keywords into a web page. It is about integrating keywords so that a site delivers its promise to the searcher. For your own benefit, you want consumers who intended to seek out products and services offered by your website.

Search Ads

When looking at search ads you need to know if it’s worth it to invest in more targeted keyword groups versus broad. Test with headlines and descriptions to make sure you are always optimizing for what is performing best. Adwords is a great place to start to allow for easy A/B testing. There are websites like Moz that help determine the best keywords to target.

VEO (Voice Engine Optimization) will rule

We mentioned VEO before, but it’s a HUGE one. Users won’t have an interface in front of them to scroll through many SERPs, instead, they will be given one answer. You have to think like the consumer and what question someone might ask. Focus on terms like ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘why’, etc. as these will be featured more prominently. 50% of searches will be made by voice by 2020 so it’s important to start learning this channel now. Alexa rules the smart speakers.

Social Media

Social Media and SEO go hand in hand. Did you notice you can now add alt text to your Instagram photos? Content creation needs to add value to a user, making social and good seo go hand in hand.

According to Rankbrain, your website’s Click-Through-Rate is a significant factor in deciding whether your content is relevant to a user’s search or not. The more clicks, the better you will rank because Google sees this as an important and useful keyword.

Video optimization

Video advertising on YouTube is growing. The easiest way to optimize your videos on YouTube is with the channel name, channel keywords, and channel description.

Name – The goal is 500 subscribers on YouTube because then you can create vanity URL.

Keywords – focus on Youtube optimized keywords, as advertisers will use these to drive traffic and Google will give those channels higher rankings.

Description – Google rewards easy user ability. People will want to learn more about the channel and the description is the best space for this and also aids in SEO.

A white paper by Cisco predicts consumption of video content will surpass all other content forms by 2022, exceeding 85%.

Mobile optimization

More and more people are turning to smartphones. Even my 75 year old grandma has an iPhone and texts me frequently at this point. Make sure your design is responsive on all devices and ensure mobile page speed and load time are prioritized. Include alt-text for all images to help them rank.

The goal is to create a seamless user experience with high-quality content that is relevant to your audience. Need assistance with creating an SEO paid advertising plan or website development? You’re in the right place: drop us a line!

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