Email marketing tends to have the highest ROI across marketing channels. As subscribers are typically the most engaged with a brand or product and the easiest to convert. Email lists decrease by 22.5% each year due to people leaving a job, ditching that old AOL email, or people opting out. There are endless ways to get people to join your email list, the trickier part is getting those people to stay and convert.

Getting people to sign up

Include a signup form above the fold when someone lands on a website and probably include multiple (3-5 additional) sign up forms throughout a website. The rule of 7 states a prospect needs to see an advertisers’ messaging 7 times before taking action on the product or service being offered. Examples of where to include a signup form:

  • Above the fold/header
  • In the nav bar
  • Include a popup
  • Within blog posts
  • Sidebar
  • Below all blogs
  • Footer

Offer a special promo for signing up. We are definitely guilty of signing up for email lists offering 20% and stay on lists that keep delivering stellar emails. If you don’t have a product to offer a discount on, you can offer a free webinar, e-book, recipes, or printable resource page.

Create an online contest

E-commerce stores can offer a free gift to any users who sign up for the list within a certain time frame. Ex: “Sign up for our list and win a free bundle pack.”

Segment and test

Segment your list and let the user be in control of what they receive and when. This is best practice to not bombard people who only want specific content versus others who want to receive every newsletter.

Compact signup forms

Minimize clicks on signup forms. It’s nice to know someone’s address, occupation, birthday, and employer – but asking for too much information may lead potential subscribers to abandon the signup process. Determine what is significant for your business to include and make it as simple as possible to signup.


Encourage subscribers to forward the email to a friend. Axios does a great job at this:

Using social media:

  • Remind social media followers to sign up for your list to receive exclusive offers and content
  • Post blogs linking to your website that have signup forms included
  • Facebook / Twitter ads with a “sign up” CTA
  • Include a signup button at the top of your Facebook business page

Remember: it is illegal to purchase an email list because of consent and privacy laws. Email marketing platforms have to adhere to compliance laws and will kick you out of their platform for illegal activity. Contact Eminent Digital to assist with your email marketing needs and ads to help grow your list!

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