Every year marketing technologies advance and customers become savvier. With so many products and services popping up daily the biggest challenge in the digital marketing world continues to be keeping audiences interested and engaged, in an already saturated market. How many of these latest trends will your business partake in next year? 

The rise of the Chatbot.

Chatbots used to be annoying and slow down website speed. Lately, we’ve seen a surge in websites having an auto chatbot that pops up to greet a visitor and give more information about a service or product. Who uses a phone for calling these days anyway? As traditional call centers continue to be under threat and people don’t want to pick up their phones from strang numbers conducting customer service online makes the most sense. A study conducted by Juniper Research concluded “by 2022, it’s estimated that chatbots will help businesses save over $8 billion per year.” That’s a staggering number and means you should look into a chatbot for your business.

Chatbots can help answer repetitive questions customers may have. They won’t eliminate complex human conversation entirely. Determine if you want to take the customer service approach or use bots for sales. Chatbots can be integrated with a website, an application, and even with a social media platform.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

32% of consumers own an Alexa or Google home and use these devices for voice search. Strong SEO will be more important than ever for a website to rank when a consumer asks a specific question. Writing detailed blogs and having naturally flowing conversation will be bigger than just focusing on key keywords throughout a website. Voice search varies from a google search because consumers can’t scan through options on a page, rather the smart speaker suggests a few or even one answer.

Authentic Content.

Content will always remain king. With the rise of social media and consumers being bombarded with ads 24/7. Society has become wary of brands. Being authentic in your marketing will set you apart. Producing great content for your website and social media will have a greater response. Encourage users to post on their own social channels with a brand hashtag to use their personal content to build trust with other potential customers. Consumers have begun using ad-blockers, as many have gotten frustrated with feeling like social media platforms are reading their minds. Don’t get blocked by having authentic and fresh content.


Artificial intelligence may not be what you think. You can use computers to scan through data and databases at a much more rapid pace than humans. These complex algorithms can call out the important metrics to a business in a short time and use that information to re-target, analyze consumer behaviors, and take personalization to the next level.  Think of how Netflix and Spotify recommend lists unique to each user.

Live Video Streaming

 A recent study expects internet video to make up 80% of all consumer traffic in 2019. An engaging and informative video will be a major key. What’s better than video content? Live video. We have seen live video increase this past year with Instagram introducing IG TV and the going live feature in stories. Live video allows consumers and advertisers to connect instantly, answer questions, conduct product demonstrations, and webinar like presentations.

Each year technology will change, it’s important to stay informed to compete and keep customer trust. 2019 will be interesting to see what hot new trend or app will take off and how the industry will adjust to this ever-changing world.

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